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Phil Andrews

Phil Andrews

Senior Consultant

Career Background

Phil Andrews is a seasoned entrepreneur with significant expertise in company start-ups and growth across a diverse range of international business sectors.  He previously held senior-level commercial roles with major international corporates such as Serco plc and Gapgemini plc. 

With an engineering background and a business degree from Cranfield, Phil offers a useful mix of technical and commercial skills.  Also, with significant business experience, both at large company and SME level, Phil is ideally placed to understand the pressures senior managers face in terms of performance, growth and the ‘all important’ cashflow management. 

This is why in his view, R&D tax credits offer a great financial shot in the arm for any qualifying company looking to further invest in its products or services.  And the numbers are impressive – with an average claim resulting in around £40K of direct financial benefit. 

‘The question I ask my clients to consider’, says Phil, ‘is how much top-line revenue is needed to create that level of bottom-line value?’ 

Phil is a firm supporter of SME growth and believes that R&D tax credits achieve exactly what the Government intended; to support and encourage SMEs in their continuing efforts to develop and grow.