Fletcher Moorland

Fletcher Moorland is a one stop source for industrial equipment repair and servicing. We offer Electro-Mechanical Repair, Servo & Spindle Repair, Automation Repair and Specialist Manufacturing. Much of our work involves reverse engineering and we have built a team of skilled engineering staff who conduct a wide variety of Research and Development into engineering advanced solutions for our customers. We originally started claiming R&D Tax Relief though our Accountants and were referred by them to Jaime Lumsden of RandDTax once it became clear that our claim could be much more comprehensive and required specialist support. RandDTax works with us and our Accountants to maximise what can be correctly claimed. It is an efficient and quite rapid process which to date has generated successful results, year on year, within 28 days from submission. Over the past five years, we have successfully claimed R&D Tax Credits providing Technical Justifications and Costs Analysis to the satisfaction of HMRC. To date, our claim values have totalled some £600K and the resultant reduction in Corporation Tax, credits in Cash refunds and the ability to carry forward losses for future use, all have been very valuable to our business.