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Why Choose RandDTax – Expert R&D Tax Credit Consultant in UK

Since we started RandDTax in September 2012 up to this November, our 30 Consultants have handled in excess of 7,000 claims for more than 1,160 companies throughout the UK, gaining them in excess of £117 million.

What We Do And Not Do To Help You With Claiming Your Research And Development Tax Credits?  Get your answers now!

Our role is to investigate the scope of your R&D work, make sure you understand the qualifying conditions, review the technical aspects of qualifying projects and help you produce draft justifications for submission with the Corporation Tax claim.

We do not take over the role of the accountant who is the Corporation Tax specialist, but will help in any way we can including dealing with any questions from HMRC in relation to R&D qualification.

Our senior consultant ran an ICT company and sat on the R&D Committee.  This committee worked with HMRC to ensure that they understood the R&D aspects of ICT development work – and worked to help the industry understand the HMRC Guidelines and Guidance.

Although, 80% of our claims have related to the software or ICT industry we have also processed claims for industries including packaging, warehouse automation, injection moulding, engineering, test and calibration, winching, surgical gloves, electronics, automobile, environmental science and a number of business service companies.  We have now produced justifications for more than 700 companies.   In some cases we have been asked to help when a company has made a claim which is meeting with resistance from HMRC.  While it is better if we can help produce the justification document to be submitted with the claim, we have been able to help in those tricky situations.

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