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The latest statistics from the National Audit Office related to R&D Tax Credits for the year to April 2015 show: 

  • SMEs benefited by over £1billion for the first time.  A 23% increase on the previous year.
  • Just over 18,000 SMEs and a further 2,000+ Large companies benefited by in excess of £2.45Billion.  SME growth rate was fastest by some way.

One of our Shareholders and a Principal Consultant with RandDTax, Tim Walsh BSc, MBA, CTA, has recently completed his final MBA project on the impact of R&D Tax Credits on the SME community. We are delighted to publish this on our web site under White Papers, and it makes very interesting reading. As far as we can tell this is the first serious study of the impact of R&D Tax Credits specifically on SMEs. 

We are extremely grateful to our many clients who were able to help Tim with this study. The copyright on this study belongs to Tim and no part should be reproduced without his express permission. Many thanks for respecting this and recognising his efforts in any reproduction. 


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