Case Studies

Webboutiques Software

R&D Case Study:

Small Company with Big Ideas - Website Development Tools When we first met Webboutiques, they were already on a mission to provide clients with great value fixed price websites, without compromising on delivering state of the art solutions. They had heard about R&D tax credits but had little knowledge of how the scheme worked.

Approach: We met to talk through what they were doing that might qualify as R&D – that was five years ago. Since then we have been on a journey with Webboutiques as the team have built a unique set of tools to provide powerful ‘turnkey’ web solutions that continue to delight the ever growing customer base.

The core of Webboutiques’ success is that they have created their own website building technology from the ground up, so they are not beholden to any third party software providers. They have created smart web technology, so that a website can be built out of a toolkit of modules, both rapidly and reliably with whatever mix of elements a client desires (CMS, ecommerce, databases and framework elements etc). So any custom work needed begins on top of the ‘turnkey’ core, which saves everyone time and money.

We initially carried out a free R&D eligibility assessment, to check that Webboutiques qualified for R&D tax credits/relief and from there have supported Webboutiques in making R&D claims over the past five years. Our support includes scoping out what activities qualify as R&D each year; writing up a technical justification document explaining what they have done and why it qualifies; liaising with their book keeper and external tax accountant to identify their qualifying R&D costs and file the R&D claim.


Outcome: Webboutiques is a small company, with big ambitions, so while their investment in R&D has been modest, it has also been critical to their growth as a company. The level of benefit each year amounts to around 25% of their spend on R&D (mainly salaries and subcontractors), enough to be pivotal in enabling them to manage the duel challenges of growing a satisfied customer base and undertaking ongoing research and development. It’s kept Webboutiques on track to provide good value websites that are at the cutting edge of web technology.

Testimonial from Ed, the MD at Webboutiques “RandDTax are tried and trusted – these guys work”