Why year-end is so important for R&D Tax Credit claims

Date: 14th February 2013

Well, it’s all about maximising your first claim. You’re allowed to claim for your past two full years but, as soon as you slip over your current year-end, then you forfeit one of these. Very typically, an R&D Tax credit could be worth £40k to an SME (This is the average claim size according to HMRC). By not claiming in time, you could easily lose half of this. What a waste!…..and just because you procrastinated. How does it work? Let&r...
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Should a Bespoke Engineering Business be claiming RandD Tax Credits

Date: 5th February 2013

We are often asked should a Bespoke Engineering Business be claiming RandD Tax Credits? If you’re not already claiming R&D Tax credits, then check this article out. If you are claiming, or rather your Accountant has claimed a nominal amount on the year end accounts, then look below – you could be seriously under-claiming and leaving substantial cash on the table… Many Bespoke Engineers are claiming R&D Tax Credits – shouldn’t you?
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R and D Tax Credits terminology

Date: 31st January 2013

We are often asked about the terminology surrounding R and D Tax Credits and understanding terms and definitions involved when tax planning could be critical to your business and Research & Development taxation is one of these areas to review. If you are developing products and processes they may be eligible for significant payments of cash through the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit regime. The definition of R&D is much wider than most people think and that is...
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R & D Tax seminar in Manchester

Date: 20th January 2013

Both Terry Toms and Linda Eziquiel will be speaking at a seminar that is being held in Manchester on the 11th February from 18.30 to 20.30 at the Ramada in Salford Quays. The seminar is “An insight into the R & D Tax credits scheme” The R&D seminar includes an introduction to the HMRC Research and Development Tax Relief and Tax Credits scheme for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and provides insight into how to better identify whether your clients’ are carry...
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R&D Tax Credits – Are you claiming your full entitlement?

Date: 18th January 2013

The Average SME claim, as stated by HMRC in their latest released stats covering the fiscal year to end March 2011, is just over £40K We are constantly surprised when SMEs tell us that they have claimed R&D Tax relief, or rather that their Accountant has claimed for them, and that the amount is much less than this. When we ask “how did you calculate this figure?”. the answer is a quick 5 minute conversation with the Accountant, finger in the air and a guess...
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