Why choose RandDTax to manage your R&D claim?

  • Personal Consultant

    Personal Consultant

    We can quickly identify if your company is eligible. Every claim is managed by an experienced consultant who advises you on the entire process.

  • Larger Claims

    Larger Claims

    It is not unusual for companies that claim without experience of the R&D regime to underclaim. Our robust processes help you to achieve what you are entitled to.

  • National Coverage

    National Coverage

    The handling of R&D claims by HMRC has evolved and is evolving. Our scale of operation, central checking processes, and focus solely on all things related to R&D Tax credit claims puts us in a strong position to give effective help to clients.

  • Exceptional Value

    Exceptional Value

    20% to 33% of your R&D benefit in fees? Long contracts, even 10 years? If these are the propositions being put to you by specialists it would make sense to talk to us. We provide the best value in this sector.

More about R and D Tax

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  • What are R&D Tax Credits?

    What are R&D Tax Credits?

    Money back either in tax saving or in a payable credit if you have losses to surrender.

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  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    How we have helped some of our clients recover up to 33% of R&D costs.

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  • Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    Don't just take our words on our service, read our clients views.

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