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Terry Toms

Terry Toms

Founder of RandDTax

Terry Toms, the founder of RandDTax has operated very successfully in the Research and Development Tax consultancy market since 2002.  Along with his team, they have completed scoping and justifying claims for in excess of 1,150 companies, and gaining an estimated figure of over £115 million for grateful clients. The largest claim for one client has exceeded £1,000,000 while the smallest recovered around £7k.

Along with an SME client, Terry presented at the 2011 annual conference of the HMRC tax credit specialists, has helped run training workshops for HMRC, as part of an Intellect (UK ICT industry trade body) initiative, and has spoken to a large number of business groups on the subject of R&D Tax. He qualified in banking, and is a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business where he also serves on the UK Ethics Committee. He is also part of the Initiatives in Business Development (IBD) consultancy network and trained as a business mentor with SEEDA, the South East of England Development Agency.