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Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson

Principal Consultant

Steve is an Economics graduate who started his work-life selling hi-tech capital products before moving onto offering leasing solutions to SMEs through bespoke lease packages for all kinds of capital expenditure.

Steve has always been entrepreneurial and during the past 25 years has set up four start-up businesses developing each one from grass roots zero income to several millions of pounds turnover.

Being successful in both business development and in achieving business objectives quickly, his results focus has always led to increased sales and profits by successfully implementing an accountable direct response marketing system that delivers measurable returns on investment and is the driving force towards attracting ideal customers, increasing sales orders and improving margins.

Steve has managed improving productivity and business performance by setting up effective business systems with accurate analysis.

Having hands-on experience in pinpointing business problems and identifying challenges his decisive operational skills deliver swift solutions.

Work Skills & Experience

  • Proven Business Development Systems
  • Marketing – implementing results driven direct response marketing systems
  • Customer value (lifetime value) analysis program
  • Outstanding customer service systems
  • Operational management maximizing & measuring productivity
  • R & D
  • Effective Business planning with Cash-flow & Cash-needs Analysis as a living working blue-print
  • Yield management practices for optimising productivity & revenue
  • Advanced computer skills


Over the years Steve has demonstrated over and over again the importance of R & D in his businesses to improve, advance and create more profit opportunities.

And also the massive contribution setting up direct response marketing systems has made for businesses to attract more of their most desirable ideal customers. This results in your business being able to spread its risk and not be too reliant on too few customers with all the attendant risks that that situation poses.

The good news is that R & D Tax credit is a source of immediate funding for your Business to implement a proven business development program and reap the rewards from profitable business growth more quickly.