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Alistair Hardie

Alistair Hardie

Principal Consultant & Shareholder

Alistair has, in operational management roles for IT companies, been scoping and justifying R&D Tax claims since 2003, generating cash for SME funding. While his knowledge of technology also comes from working for large companies including Logica & ABN Amro, his special area of expertise is SME technology organisations.  As a non-exec director of techUK (the UK’s industry trade body), Alistair has been involved with providing industry input to HMRC since the R&D Tax scheme was introduced, such input intended to ensure HMRC’s interpretation of the scheme is optimally favourable for SME tech companies.

As a member of the RandDTax team, Alistair is adept at applying his understanding of business, technology, tax and finance to help clients take full advantage of R&D Tax Credits