Ethical and Environmental Statements of RandDTax – Experts in UK R&D Tax Credit Support

Ethical and Environmental Statement

It is our intention to operate with integrity and minimal environmental impact. Please tell us how we are doing in this respect so that we can continually improve.

Clients and prospective clients should understand that we are not simply in the business of helping you to pay less Corporation Tax.

In the UK we operate on the basis of self-assessment in all areas of taxation, and HMRC do their level best to police this process, which is not an easy task. Our role is to ensure that our clients understand the Guidelines in respect of all aspects of R&D Tax Credit claims, so that our clients are able to assess how much they should pay or how much they should claim in a fair and honest way, and within the spirit of the scheme – so that clients receive what they are entitled to receive.

We ask our clients to respect the Guidelines and understand that if they pay less tax someone else in the UK will have to pay more. We are not in the business of encouraging tax avoidance. We are in the business of helping the UK government to ensure the Research and Development Tax Credit scheme achieves the planned increase in effective R&D.

You should also understand that R&D tax credits were devised to encourage SMEs in particular to use all their talents in scientific and technological innovation to create products, devise services, organise processes and develop materials that will maximise their company’s chances of commercial success in their chosen markets. This way we will have a healthy economy. We are very lucky to be able to help our clients fund and achieve their innovation goals. This is where we gain enormous satisfaction.