Detailed Recommendations

We have referred many of our clients to RandDTax since 2013 and have also sought RandDTax’s advice on certain potential Clients where the possibility of an R&D Tax Credit could be a key factor to in winning the account. Our largest R&D claim for one Client was some £400K and in total we have seen our Clients receiving several millions over the last 4 years. Jaime Lumsden and Alan Cook, have developed our knowledge in this specialist activity and we have become aware of many unexpected sectors where claims are possible. Indeed, our confidence in the reliable 100% track record of RandDTax has allowed us to share our Client lists with them and for DPC Directors to discover new potential claims in some quite surprising sectors. On the rare occasion that HMRC have sought clarification on certain claim details, RandDTax have immediately dealt with the case and attended any subsequent meetings on behalf of the Client. We have learned from RandDTax that it is not just high technology businesses which can successfully claim. Some of our Clients are in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Web Based or specific Software Development, but others are in the Food Sector, Recruitment, Medical Appliances, Air and Heat Management, Training, Construction, Fabric Manufacture and many other businesses where technology has been applied to their processes. RandDTax provide support in preparing the Technical Justification and building the Qualifying Costs analysis, both required by HMRC. They handhold the Client through the entire preparation process offering examples of typical documents required by HMRC. They also work closely with our internal DPC teams to generate claim summaries which we ourselves can then use as a cross check comparison against our own Tax Computations, prior to submission. This adds a layer of protection to our Clients. They have some 26 Consultants covering the UK, going to where our Clients are based and responding immediately; and RandDTax are also fee competitive when compared to some firms offering this service, charging rather less than than most. All in all, RandDTax is a knowledgeable, reliable and responsive specialist Research and Development Tax Relief Consultancy and a useful partner for DPC in offering enhanced services to our Clients.

Valerie Wood - Director - DPC Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Saddington Baynes were introduced to Jaime Lumsden of RandDTax in late 2014 by a Senior Partner in an Accountancy firm with several Clients successfully claiming Tax Credits. Like many creative businesses, in our case specialising in production work for Blue Chip organisations seeking to enhance their marketing efforts, we employ the best digital team that we can afford. Our R&D costs were draining cash and the prospect of significantly redressing this imbalance couldn’t have happened at a better time for Saddington Baynes. Our first claim alone generated more than £230K of cash, and within just seven weeks of first meeting Jaime. Suddenly, we realised that our investment in front-end image production was actually costing us some 33% less than we had expected. Instead of being cash strapped when wanting to invest in R&D, we now had a more consistent cash-flow giving us the flexibility to drive forward the development of our new technology solutions, backed by a healthy reserve. Since working with RandDTax and our own Tax Accountants, we have successfully claimed for the last four years. With Jaime’s expertise and support, helping us to explain our R&D advances in technology to HMRC and advising us on the qualifying costs to submit, our business is financially stronger. We are able to employ an industry leading development team and be even more innovative. R&D Tax Credits allow us to take the Research and Development risks necessary to consolidate our position as market leaders in our field. This is a great initiative from HMRC and is proving to be significant in financing increased innovation here at Saddington Baynes. With RandDTax supporting us, we continue to maximise its benefit to our business.

Chris Christodoulou, CEO - Saddington Baynes Limited

“I’ve never in over 10 years in business had anything given to me before, or known any support for a small business like this that can benefit my business to this level overnight. I had no idea we could qualify for something like this. After a brief chat, Steve Richardson at RandDTax made things clear and he has been great to deal with. Steve explained everything we needed to know clearly from the start, done all the work and hardly any of our time has been taken up…No hassle at all.” This web development / SEO Company based in Wigan Director said when his claim came in at just over £30,000..

Spenser Anglesea, Director - Just Internet Solutions Ltd

“It took me a couple of letters received and a direct telephone call from Steve Richardson from RandDTax before I decided to do something about finding out if I qualified for an R&D tax credit claim. Why the delay? Because I’m busy and I was sceptical. It sounded like some PPI claim thing, but I quickly found out it isn’t. Anyway after getting Steve to speak to my accountant to explain things and satisfy my concerns, it was clear I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I agreed to a no obligation estimation meeting with Steve. I was delighted to find out that Steve estimated I qualified for a very significant claim indeed and it was clear from the start that RandDTax’s fees were subject to the claim being successfully approved. I engaged Steve to deal with my claim and he then did the work he had to do with maybe only a couple of hours of my time taken up. The process from start to finish was performed exactly as it was explained to me from the start. Seven weeks after the claim was submitted I received £66,829. Plus it now looks likely I’ll be receiving over £40k for this years’ claim in a few months and every year thereafter as long as R&D tax credits remain in force. At first before I looked into this, it sounded too good to be true, and we always say don’t we if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Initially I did wonder what the catch was. Well, there isn’t a catch and I could have been getting this benefit for over ten years. Well thanks to Steve at RandDTax I’m not missing out anymore.

Gareth Owen, MD - Ranking Solutions Ltd

“We’d heard of R&D Tax Credits but hadn’t done anything about it as we thought the application process would be much too time consuming, and then we met up with Linda Eziquiel. My experience of dealing with government was just too much pain for small companies. Thank you Linda for all your hard work with our claim and successfully obtaining Tax Credits for us.

William Pearson, MD - Morgan’s Pomade

“Steve Richardson at RandDTax was efficient, reliable and patient. We were helped to recover funds that we needed urgently and the process was stress free thanks to all Steve’s help.

Craig Olsen, Managing Director - Weblinx

“We are an innovative web development company, now in our third year of claiming R&D tax relief. We had no idea that we could get our corporation tax payments reduced until we spoke to Terry and Linda from RandDTax. We are really delighted with their service, we have claimed above £7,000 per year and it has made a big different to our company. They make the claims process as simple as possible and are easy people to work with. If you think you may be doing R&D I recommend you contact them.

Ed Hollingshead, Managing Director - Web Boutiques

We have introduced several of our Clients to RandDTax. Without exception, they have been delighted with the efficient service and support in maximising their claims. For us at Haines Watts, we find RandDTax to be responsive, supportive and they really know how to work well, alongside us, re-enforcing the service that we offer to our Clients.

Steve Butler BA (Hons), FCA - Haines Watts

For a small company, deciding whether to put in an R&D tax credit application can be daunting – we don’t have time to waste! Fortunately we bumped into Terry at one of his presentations, delivered – note – alongside specialist assessors from HMRC. A week later our application was done, with about a day of work on our side. Terry removed pretty much all of our worries: complexity, horror stories about over-charging tax credit consultants, and so on. Our application was successful. We will be back!

Christian Nentwich, PhD, CEO - Model Two Zero Ltd

We’d heard of R&D Tax Credits but hadn’t done anything about it as we thought the application process would be lengthy and time consuming, and our time would be better spent doing something else. My experience generally with government handouts was that they were only worth applying for by big companies, dealing with government was just too much pain for small companies. A chance conversation with Terry put us straight, we are now saving half our tax bill every year for minimal cost and effort.

John Paterson, CEO - Really Simple Systems Simple Cloud CRM

For the last four years Fretwell-Downing Hospitality Ltd has been using the services of Terry Toms in support of the company’s application for Research and Development Tax credits. As a technology development company we have found the experience and consultancy provided from Terry to be a great asset in our applications. His specialist skills in understanding technological developments, innovation and technical advancement alongside his detailed understanding and application of the R&D tax credits process have been invaluable. During the period of engagement Terry has assisted us in successfully gaining in excess of £200k in R&D tax credits to further invest in the company’s development programs.

Nick Prime, Managing Director - Fretwell-Downing Hospitality Limited

“I am writing to thank you for all your hard work and support in the successful claim against R&D expenditure. This is of significant financial consequence to CBH and will ensure our cash flow for some considerable time.”

Michelle Aldous, CEO - Constructing Better Health

“We were introduced to Terry Toms by an industry contact and Terry helped us to analyse our R&D projects, and wrote a justification document which enabled us to scope the claim and answered the qualification questions. The result was that our claim was accepted by HMRC without delay. This exercise would have been much more time consuming and difficult without his help.”

CTS Ltd.

Just to let you know that we have been successful with our R&D tax credit applications.” “We have been credited back £46k for the two years out of the £56k tax due from last year thus reducing our current liability to £10k. Not a bad result and many thanks again for your assistance. We will be calling on your services again in the future!”


“Terry Toms had done work for one of our directors and we asked him to help when our R&D Tax Credit claim met with seemingly endless questions from HMRC. Answering those questions required an understanding of the HMRC Guidelines that we simply did not have, nor did we have the time to acquire the knowledge. Terry was able to grasp the detail of our projects very quickly and to relate that knowledge to the guidelines in a way that satisfied HMRC, resulting in our claim being approved. The financial effect was very significant at a difficult time.”

AS Ltd

“Our Technical Director had read the HMRC guidelines and handled the justification aspects of our R&D Tax Credit claim. Through a chance meeting with Terry Toms we asked him to analyse our claim as it seemed to be for a very small proportion of our new product development costs. As a result the claim was increased by more than 300% which had a significant impact on our ability to finance new projects over the next six years.”

BS Ltd