Case Studies

Business Services Company

Business Services Company – This company provide field based services mainly to local authority clients. They had identified that there was a massive variance in the performance of their field agents, and that this variable performance had become standard in their industry.
They made a scientific study to identify all the factors which influenced performance in their industry. They concluded that if they could develop the right science and technology involving mobile communications devices, databases and the correct applications including algorithms devised to take into consideration, and provide the correct weighting for all the performance factors, they could transform performance in their market sector.
The company has now proved the technology, although still plan significant enhancements, and they are soon to offer the technology to other companies it their sector both in the UK and internationally.
This was situation where the project involved advancing the capability of science and technology in order to significantly improve business processes in a services industry. They have been able to demonstrate a 50% improvement in agent productivity and transform the levels of customer service though information portals.
We helped them scope the R&D and produce the justification documents to support the claims, which resulted in recovery of close to 20% of the R&D costs.