Is R&D tax relief working?? – Part 1

Date: 18th May 2016

As an RandDTax consultant, I am also in my final year of an MBA programme and I am undertaking a research project entitled Research and Development Tax Relief for Small Companies – A good thing? From our client base of over 600 I have taken a random sample and sent out a short questionnaire to explore whether R&D tax relief has influenced investment decisions in SMEs. I am also analysing the financial data to see if there is any correlation between R&...
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News update for accountancy Firms and companies claiming R&D Tax Credits

Date: 4th May 2016

New Template on supporting narrative and date requested with claims. HMRC have now introduced a new Template covering the supporting narrative and data they want to see with R&D Tax Credit claims. This includes the following information (and more) for R&D work carried out in the relevant accounting period for each project: • Explanation of advances in knowledge or capability in science or technology sought. • Description of scientific or...
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Precision Engineering and R&D Tax Credits

Date: 22nd April 2016

RandDTax have successfully prepared claims for Precision Engineers with cash credits or corporation tax relief of up to £200K being received from HMRC for Research and Development qualifying projects and associated costs. This is a specialist area and requires a combination of understanding the technology and identifying the qualifying costs. Identifying what projects comply, and the qualifying costs acceptable to HMRC, is exactly what RandDTax do. We apply robust qua...
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R&D and Financial Record Keeping

Date: 14th April 2016

Note: All articles in this blog are intended to provide general guidance only. Please contact us for specific guidance for your particular circumstances. R&D Tax relief is a very valuable benefit to companies undertaking R&D, often saving between 25% and 34% of R&D costs and providing welcome cash flow into the business at critical times. However, frequently overlooked is the need to ensure adequate record keeping to evidence your company’s R&D expenditure...
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