R&D Answers: What Do We Do at R&D Credits … And Not Do?

Date: 4th March 2012

What Do We Do And Not Do To Help You With Claiming Your Research And Development Tax Credits? Our role is to investigate the scope of your R&D work, make sure you understand the qualifying scope, review the technical aspects of qualifying projects and help you produce draft justifications for submission with the Corporation Tax claim. We do not take over the role of the accoun...
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R&D Answers: Will The Coalition Government Scrap R&D Tax Credits?

Date: 7th February 2012

Are Research and Development Tax Credits Under Threat From The New Coalition Government? The Conservatives originally announced that they would scrap Research and Development Tax Credits. However, a few weeks before the election, and following their Dyson Review on Innovation, they announced that they will not scrap the scheme. In fact in a...
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R&D Answers: Why Does So Much R&D Tax Credit Go Unclaimed?

Date: 2nd February 2012

Why have many companies with potentially valid claims either not claimed at all, or not claimed enough? There are many reasons why research and development tax credits go unclaimed. They range from companies thinking it is too complex and time consuming to assess qualifying work and make a claim for Research and Development Tax Credits; to misunderstanding the scope of qualifying conditions; or having tax accountants who do not fully understand what does and does not qualify; or they...
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R&D Answers: What Costs Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Date: 15th December 2011

Research and Development Tax Credits – What Costs Qualify? Research and Development Tax Credits are claimed against qualifying costs. The most important and largest qualifying costs are usually your labour costs for Research and Development work. Labour costs may be directly employed labour or work you have subcontracted to external organisations in the UK or overseas. Where your research and development work is subcontracted, qualifying labour costs can be claim...
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R&D Answers: What Happens If You Have Received Grants for R&D?

Date: 15th November 2011

Research And Development Grants – How Do They Affect Your Right To Claim R&D Tax Credits? Public sector grants used for research and development and research and development grants are either “state notified” or not, and the awarding organisation will confirm which applies, so if you have received a grant and you are not sure if it is “state notified” ask your funders. In general State Notified Grants have the affect of wiping out any cla...
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R&D Answers: What Are Research And Development Tax Credits?

Date: 28th October 2011

It’s Wise To Understand What Research and Development Tax Credits Are So You Don’t Miss Out! The Research and Development Tax Credits scheme was designed by the now renamed government Department of Technology and Industry (DTI) to provide a Corporation Tax incentive to companies using science or technology to create innovative products, services or processes. The current rate as it applies to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) enables companies to treat qualifying...
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R&D Answers: What Has Been The Impact of UK R&D Credits?

Date: 23rd August 2011

In money terms what has been the impact of Research and Development Tax Credits for UK business? The last figure published by HMRC indicated that in excess of £8b has been reclaimed since Research and Development Tax Credits were introduced in 2000 by all types of companies. In the latest year for which figures are available, 2011/12, the number of claims for R&D tax credits rose from the previous year by 16.5% to 12,190, representing £1.2 billion of tax relief suppor...
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