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Date: 12th May 2014

Since we started RandDTax in September 2012, and up to April 2014 our 27 Consultants have handled close to 500 claims for more than 230 companies throughout the UK, gaining them in excess of £7.5m.

RandDTax addresses the issues on a national level, to the benefit of innovative SMEs and the entire UK economy.
Help SMEs assess qualification, scope R&D work and justify claims.

In the last fifteen months RandDTax has helped more than 160 companies make first claims. These have been worth between £20,000 and £350,000 to those SMEs.

R & D Tax Credits can be claimed by almost any limited company.  Here a few examples, some of which may not be that obvious:

  • A test and calibration specialist developing an innovative air flow testing device and deep cleaning processes for heat exchangers.
  • A legal company developing award winning, paperless conveyancing processes.
  • Numerous software development companies developing innovative  e-Commerce and e-Business systems and applications.
  • A construction company developing project and work control systems using mobile and internet technologies to transform processes and profitability in managing large refurbishment contracts.
  • A winch design and manufacturing company, developing solutions where none were available.
  • An Industrial Components company

Much of our business is introduced to us by practicing accountants. We work with the company and their advising accountants to identify whether the company qualifies, scope out their R&D activities, identify scientific and technological advances and uncertainties, write the technical justifications document to support their claims and support the accountant in dealing with HMRC.

If you are not sure if you could qualify for this please contact RandDTax for advice

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