R&D Tax relief working with accountants

Date: 11th December 2014

R&D Tax relief and working with accountants -

As the government continues to encourage research and development, more businesses realize that they should investigate whether they can claim for R&D Tax Credits, most companies will normally approach their accountant in the first instance.

Most accountants deal with a very small number of these claims each year and so they may not be certain of what exactly is involved and can be claimed. In these circumstances a short telephone conversation with an R&D Tax Credit specialist makes a great deal of sense and should not cost you a penny.

You can claim R&D Tax Cash for the past two years if not already claimed

Since R&D Tax specialists deal with hundreds of claims every year, and most Accountants deal with less than ten, the most certain way of making sure that you don’t lose out is to work within a virtuous trio. The combination of your Accountant, the R&D Tax specialist and your team, is perhaps the most effective way of maximizing your claim.

Most R&D Tax specialists make absolutely no charge for advising you on your eligibility. All it takes is a short phone call to be correctly informed on whether you can and what you should claim.
Also, if you have already been submitting through your Accountant but could easily have been under-claiming, the correct value can be recovered for at least the previous two years, simply by resubmitting, using the know how of an R and D Tax specialist combined with your own Accountant.

Are you missing out?

A short sharp cash injection of cash, often within 5 weeks of submitting the claim, can transform a small business’s fortunes. Just lift the phone and talk to a specialist call us now on 01483 808301.

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