Developing software – Can I claim R&D tax credits?

Date: 13th December 2016

Well if your software based products or solutions are innovative, then you might be remiss not to check!


Designing software based solutions? Claim R&D tax credits now.

  • Do you employ software developers?
  • Does the work that they do require testing, trialing, overcoming some uncertainties?
  • Do you own the product being developed?
  • Do you consider that what your business does is innovative or new?

Whether it’s games or system integrations or embedded solutions or just application specific software, by striving for competitive advantage (which most businesses do), you’re likely to be spending qualifying costs and these are what count towards R&D tax credits.

Checking whether you should claim and how much it is worth, in terms of a tax rebate or credit, will cost you absolutely nothing through a reputable R&D Tax specialist. Once you’ve got the facts, then you can make an informed decision and instruct your own Accountant to claim for the past two years of qualifying spend.

The average SME claim last year was £43K according to HMRC. Don’t leave cash on the table. Check it out!

Jaime Lumsden, Director

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