What Is The R&D Tax Credit Potentially Worth To Companies?

Date: 6th September 2012

Research and Development Tax Credits – Latest Figures The latest figures published by HMRC in August 2012 show that in the year 2010/11 around 8000 SMEs claimed £340m, making the average SME claim worth about £42,000. From 1st April 2011 the rate at which qualifying Research and Development (R&D) expenditure is treated for Corporation Tax purposes increased from 175% to 200%, and on 1st April 2012 the rate increased again to 225%. On that basis it...
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Why Do SMEs Leave Thousand Of Pounds Worth Of R&D Tax Credits Unclaimed?

Date: 2nd August 2012

What Is The Problem That Leads SMEs To Leave Research and Development Tax Credits Unclaimed? The current market situation is compounded by the economic reality and difficulties in the lending sector, which make the availability of cash for investment in Research and Development projects, much harder for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to find. In this situation an average investment by the government of £43,000, is very welcome indeed – see How Much Did SMEs Claim In...
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How Much Did SMEs Claim in Research and Development Tax Credits Last Year?

Date: 24th July 2012

Research and Development (R and D) Tax Claims to April 2010 In the tax year to April 2010, 7,410 SMEs claimed an average of about £43,000 each from the UK government in R & D Tax Credits. As more and more UK companies use science and technology to gain competitive advantage; as more and more companies become aware of the massive level of financial aid provided by the UK government, and more and more consultancies and accountancy firms are providing help in order for SMEs to...
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Are You Overpaying For R&D Tax Credit Specialists?

Date: 17th July 2012

How Much Did You Pay for Help With Your R&D Tax Credit Claim? If you are already claiming R&D Tax Credits, you may be paying far too much in fees to one of the R&D Tax Credit specialist consultancies. There is very seldom the need to pay more than 18% of the tax recovered and there is no need to be tied to one consultancy, unless you feel they are offering exceptional value. Usually the critical factor for a small business is understanding the scope of what...
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R and D Tax Credits – Good News In UK Budget Statement 2012

Date: 3rd April 2012

R and D Tax Credits – Restrictions Removed Research and Development Tax Specialists will be gearing up to help more UK companies claim their R and D Tax Credits as a number of restrictions were lifted from 1st April 2012. In the 2012 Annual Budget Statement the British Chancellor announced some welcome changes to the scope of R and D Tax Credit claims. The proposals included removing the rule that limits a company’s pay...
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