Date: 21st December 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have now helped companies claim over £101 million back in corporation tax relief or R&D tax credits since starting the business in September 2012.   Well done !  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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Budget 2018 cap on R&D Tax Credits

Date: 30th October 2018

  The R&D scheme allows a company undertaking qualifying activity to claim a payable R&D tax credit if after the R&D enhanced deduction they are making a loss in the year concerned. Losses can then be surrendered for a tax credit on the basis of the lower of the post R&D deduction loss and the R&D enhanced expenditure (qualifying costs * 230% at present) at a rate currently of 14.5% for a cash credit. The Chancellor announced the following proposed chang...
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Is Government policy on Software R&D Tax Credit Claims working?

Date: 12th October 2018

Throughout the history of the UK R&D schemes those claims relating to software development have often proved the most difficult for HMRC to deal with. There has almost been continual change in approach, reviews, training of inspectors, and guidance. For claimants this is disruptive and confusing. Software is treated differently than other areas of R&D. They appear to shine a spotlight on software in a way that they don’t with any other sector of industry. The latest chang...
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Fredericks Foundation Golf and Dinner Event Sept 2018

Date: 10th October 2018

What a fantastic day the RandDTax team had supporting the Fredericks Foundation, we were blessed with beautiful weather and a fab location.   Everyone had a great time.  Well done to Duncan and his team for putting on such a wonderful event.   Alan and Alison Evans, Nick Cook, Alistair and Sally Hardie,...
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The Business Show, Excel Centre, London 14th and 15th November 2018

Date: 9th October 2018

  This is Europe’s largest event covering how to expand, evolve and grow your business with over 200 expert speakers.  This two-day event attracts more than 25,000 businesses who attend with the primary agenda of improving and expanding their business. RandDTax have a stand and our Managing Director, Terry Toms will be giving a presentation on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at 1.15pm in Seminar Hall 13.  During his presentation he will explain what work qualif...
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Brave New World Conference - 18th October 2018 at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton

Date: 8th October 2018

Free cash for R & D in a Brave New World With Tim Walsh and Alistair Hardie of RandD Tax Brave New World is MDHUB’s annual inspirational event for business leaders who want to achieve high growth. Its theme for 2018 examines the future of people and the leadership challenges for businesses and society in an increasingly automated world. What effect will the emerging technologies of automation have...
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RandDTax is jointly presenting a Business Finance and Tax Masterclass

Date: 13th September 2018

RandDTax is jointly presenting a Business Finance and Tax Masterclass on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 from 9.30am to 12pm.   Tailored for business founders/directors – see info...
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R&D Answers: What is R&D for Tax Credit Purposes?

Date: 23rd July 2018

The scheme R&D Tax Relief is available to UK Ltd companies, using science or technology as part of an innovative process/product.  There are two variants of the scheme – large company (RDEC) and small company, with the boundary being approx. 500 employees in the company or group of companies. Small companies that have received subsidies or...
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Fantastic Milestone - over one thousand clients

Date: 10th July 2018

We have now worked with over 1,000 companies from all over the UK.   Helping clients, both large and small with their claims.   With the average value per company being around £88,000 and some gaining more than £1,000,000.  We help all types of businesses such as traditional engineering, IT companies, manufacturers, construction, software tool developers, bailiffs, food processors, legal firms, artisan ice cream makers, aerospace, glass manufac...
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R&D tax credits - “We can get you more than they can!”

Date: 10th July 2018

R&D tax credits - “We can get you more than they can!” It’s not uncommon to hear of Research & Development (R&D) tax credit advisors proclaiming “We can get you more than they can” meaning that your R&D tax credit claims will be larger if you hire the proclaimer, than if you hire whomever else they are competing with. I am driven to take issue with this, and I will tell you why.  We live in a highly competitive world, so every...
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